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Several studies indicate, that taking insider decisions into account when making investment decisions can be a key factor for success.

Trader Radar informs you instantly about insider trades and shows you past insider trades in the context of the price charts. Long before other other investors you can research the backgrounds and device whether it could be an opportunity to participate in a price surge, or to avoid imminent price drops. *
With minimal effort you can optimize your performance and your returns, even more so, if you want to trade upcoming company decisions or strategic changes.

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“Trader Radar has become part of my morning routine. The app led me to highly profitable investments I would have missed otherwise.”

“Can be ideally combined with the quarterly figures to do some interesting swing-trades.”

“Always having the newest insider trades at my fingertips helps me to optimize the timing of my investments further, to avoid losses and to discover hidden potentials.”

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Let’s talk numbers

Insider trades constitute a huge part of a companies’ total traded volume.

In the last ~473.000 insider trades for US companies a volume of ~$474 billion was traded.

Don’t miss the newest insider trade filings and increase your performance and returns through this informational head start. *


Number of reported US insider trades in the past 365 days

$ 470,442,661,672

Trade volume of the reported US insider trades in the past 365 days



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